Save Your Soul, Check!
Only this page is in english. Most pages are focused on dutch people, although there still will be english info for Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages.

Profiel fotoThe nickname for DJ SYSCheck was created after a confrontation with God; formerly he used the nickname ” SysError “, which was an abbreviation of ” System Error “, a nickname he used for online gaming and video productions of games on the Internet.

As a missionary son, he gave his heart to God to serve Jesus at a pretty young age. God confronted him with his earlier decision to serve the Lord Jesus,so after a time of struggling (yes, not every decision for the Lord goes as smooth as you might think), he stopped gaming and sought his hobbies in other areas , including the presentation of the gospel radio program “Het Gospeluur “.

However , he was encountered a challenge with an old gaming buddy who claimed that no Christian alternatives existed for DJ Tiësto and Armin van Buuren , the big favorites that were played during the gametimes…

DJ SYSCheck began the long search for Christian producers who were engaged in the production of dance , trance, house , dubstep and chillout music. Thanks to his experience as a radio presenter he knew in a short period of time to connect with DJs and producers who have the same passion for Jesus and want to use their talents for Him.
After some time collecting music in these genres , he began experimenting with the production of mix – sets containing only Christian songs and compositions by Christian producers …

Thanks to the late radio program “Christ Hits” (produced by Leo Singor until 2013) DJ SYSCheck was discovered and he was given the opportunity to be heard, which resulted in a new agreement with the radioworld for some of this relatively new genre of gospelmusic go and produce a live mixset on the radio for 3 hours.
The challenge resulted in a chance to keep making mixsets for Christ Hits and use those several times during live performances in the studio.

In 2014 a new chance arose; some overseas radiostations and a dutch radiostation Veluwe FM showed interest for a couple of mixes and starting from the 23rd of february “For The People” will be broadcasted on a montly base.

The main aim was, is, and will remain, trigger youth who listen to secular music to start enjoying more gospelmusic. The genres dance, trance, dubstep, house are just a means to show that there is more than ‘just traditional gospel’. Christian youth should be focussed on God, as should be the music they listen to. This passion DJ SYSCheck is also reflected by his choice for music being used in his mixsets; lyrically it is always focused on God, the instrumentals are produced to magnify God, and that is exactly what it’s about; To worship God has come in a new way; let’s dance like king David did !

The name DJ SYSCheck thus acts not anymore as ‘SysError’, due to System Errors ( system failure), but is short of SYSCheck ; Save Your Soul , Check ! (a derivative of the SOS emergency call).

DJ SYSCheck continues to evolve by focusing on making mixsets . He prefers simplicity and uses no sophisticated equipment . The occurrence location also means that it is largely dependent on audio and lighting equipment of others; himself enough with a laptop and MIDI controller .

In The Netherlands you can book him thru the dutch called ‘Christelijk Podium’.
Or just fill in the contactform to get in contact.