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Save Your Soul, Check!

musicHere you’ll find every set or radioshow and even some video stuff in a seperate post, so you’ll be able to read some extra information, make a comment or just download after listening.
If you just want to download something, check out the download page.

FTP #29 Deepsink Digital – Afterhours.FM takeover (DJ SYSCheck)

Hi everyone! Welcome to this private group. We have managed to secure an ‘event’ on Afterhours FM, which is the most listened to trance station currently on the internet with over 1,200 listener’s per day….. Each of you will have a 1 hour set broadcasted, as we mentioned, to a vast amount of listeners world wide. We would ask that you PLEASE pray for guidance on the specific tracks to play during your mixes, and also please pray while creating the mixes that people will feel the power of the Holy Spirit while they are tuned in. Your sets DO NOT have to be all CEDM but do ask that you include one or two in your set….. All mixes will need to be all energy Progressive Trance, Trance, etc so we can stay in the boundaries of AfterhoursFM format.…. We believe this is a great opportunity for us to change the atmosphere of the airwaves with our mixes through all followers of Christ Djs. God has brought this opportunity forth and we know it will an awesome experience for all of us. This is in the beginning stages so we need to secure our dj list. Please let us know if you are interested in being a part of our event. More info will follow after we have locked down all djs. Thank you from Deepsink Digital...

AfterhoursFM_takeoverWhat you just read is what it all got started. An idea that was sent as a PM on Facebook to a lot of fellow christian DJ’s around the world. We talked about it and after a week Deepsink Digital was able to select 15 DJ’s who were able to stand by this unique idea.
And boy, did we make it happen. 22 hours of non-stop trance on a secular radiostation; not just your basic kind of tracks, but a serious prayed-for selection, carefully selected, talked about choice.

AfterhoursFM_takeoverAnd I was able to be part of it. I feel sooooo blessed! Not only could we spread some love on the air, but we were able to show that God is not Someone that’s unknowing about what’s going on in this music-world. He also can use this kind of music to reach people; it’s not about the big ‘BOOM’, it’s about the little seeds that can be spread througout the world; seeds of His love and His solution through Jesus Christ who can repair the relationship between humans and God.
We were able to deliver that message on a ground not easily reached.
Thank God for that.

So; Enjoy this mixset of mine, knowing that it was meant for something more than just a simple set. Also, check out the other sets from my fellow DJ’s on Mixcloud!

Be blessed,



Akame – Biotones & Max Farewell
Your Loving Arms (Tommy Johnson Remix) – Noadja
Wrecked Destiny (Spark & Shade MashUp) – Misja Helsloot vs Markus Schulz
You make me better (DJ Jireh Remix) – Jordan Riley
Dont Say A Word (Original Dub Mix) – Mike Lockin & Mart De Schmidt ft Claire Willis
STA – Orbit (Original Mix) – STA
Please Forgive feat. Marcie – Eddie Sender
Let There Be Light (Dave Mcrae Remix) – C & D Project
Right Through Me (Album Mix) – Aneym, Ferrin & Morris
Divinity (Diving Analogue Remix) – Stefan Viljoen ft Jade Mc Donald
Rhythms Of The Kingdom (Corrie Theron Remix) – DJ Jireh


FTP #27 – Sportevent Intact Groningen

This set was performed live during the Intact event in Groningen on the 26th/27th of Februari.
Intact Groningen is a huge inter-church teenager event with sport, games, swimming, fun and
of course DJ’s and performers.

This set is now also for your listening pleasure.



Hands Up (JIR3H-3) – J-3
Never Give Up! (Coroa Da Vida) – KATALIN DC/PR/DJ KATALIN
Save Our Sound (Original Mix) – Korina Dahl & DJ Una
Heaven – Ozwald Bozwald
Gnezs – Gui Brazil
Believe (feat. Vanessa) [DJ LP Remix] – Soul Player
Behold – DJ Jireh
Being (Original Mix) – Angelique
Hardlife (Alchemist Saints Remix) – Biotronix
No Longer Slaves (Reyer & Retain Remix) – Bethel
Walls Fall Down (Kevin Aleksander Remix) – Justice Has A Name
Verge Feat. Aloe Blacc (EMASOUND Remix) – Owl City
Jump Start My Heart (David Thulin Remix) – Satellites & Sirens
Way Beyond Myself (Flatline Remix) – Newsboys
Star Wars (Tyron Hapi Bootleg) – Cantina Band
Forever King – Gui Brazil


FTP #26 – Trance in Harmony

After FTP #25 I just wanted to do a set that’s got a totally different style and feeling.
And here it is… Starting of in a house-atmosphere turning in a progressive trance flight!




Faithful (Dub Mix) Feat. Miya Bass – Chris Howland
Don’t You Worry Child (Joris Voorn Remix) [feat. John Martin] – Swedish House Mafia
Bubble Gum (Original Mix) – DJ T.H.
Peace of Mind (Matthew J Bentley Remix) – Xander
Without Weeping (DJ Jireh Remix) [feat. Jenny Fernandez] – Matthew J. Bentley
Maui (Original Mix) – Alex Shore
Illuminate (Original Mix) – Terason
Save Me (Art Inc. Remix) – Rogier Dulac
Believe In Your Dreams (Original Mix) – Seltigma
Sunny Days (Tristan Armes Remix) – Tim Verkruissen
You Are (Mario Ayuda & Chris Callado Remix) – Sarah Russell
Romans 8-39 (Touchstone Remix) – Fher Vizzuett
The Voice Inside (Tommygoff Remix) – Ron van den Beuken, T.O.M. & Hadassa
Bilingual Education (Original Mix – Trance Academy Anthem) – Mike Spinner & Mitex
God is light in the Darkness – Deejay Karlizimo


FTP #25 When You speak I feel You and feel alive

I’ve had some troublesome experiences last year and it influenced this set A LOT!
Although I don’t want to get to personal, I think that the lyrics of this set speak for itself.
I can say that it’s quite important to keep your eyes on Jesus when you’re in trouble,
sometimes you might lose yourself in this world and with that, miss out on LIFE.
Listen, always try to listen better to Jesus. You might need to turn your life around to feel His presence (again).

As a result of my own travels in this world, I stepped out of my personal comfort zone and tried to travel through
the dubstep-genre, just to experience a different kind of mixing.

The result is there, for your listening pleasure.
And hopefully, it’ll help you get one of the messages I try to spread as a DJ…

Stay strong,



Intro by O.D.O.T – Aktiv Beats
#LITO (pKal Remix) – Press Play
Oh, My Depravity – Jeremy James Whitaker
Kings & Queens Remix – Swedish Revolution
Titan (Acid Regulation Remix) – DJ Lloyd ft. Nanje Nowack
APB [Bryson Price] – Lecrae feat. This’l
With You – Joshua Nichols
Can You Feel It – Biotronix
We Belong As One (feat. tobyMac) [Family Force 5 Phenomenon Remix] – Capital Kings
Follow You (feat. Fanny) – FBJr.
Alive (Oh Snap It’s Luke! Remix) – Jesus Culture
No More – Chad Franklin
I Feel You – Transform DJs
SHINE (Orignal Mix) – Phocust
Electric & Co. – Oiwolf
Ground Shake – Carbin & Doulos
Money For Nothing (Acid Regulation Bootleg) (Mark van Rijswijk) – Dire Straits
Bring the Rain feat. Lexi Forche (Phocust & Kevin Aleksander Remix) – Candyland
Breathing in Mercy – Matthew Parker & Shaping The Silence
Speak Life (Telemitry Remix) – TobyMac
Through Your Eyes (Carbin Remix) – Levi Whalen
Level Up – Kyran
Submission (Play The Background) – Bryson Price
Ignite (IJAM Remix) – JesusFreak101
Rhythm of the Lion – Bridj
Make Me A Believer ft. Trip Lee, Lecrae, KB, & Mac Powell – AC.JR


FTP – Salt Radio Mixset

Tuesday the 8th of September 2015 I visited a radiostation that’s quite in the neighborhood; UrkFM on Urk.
Just to be ready, I wanted to have a small mixset prepared to share; “Maybe they’ll allow me to play it on the radio”.
And guess what; they DID play it! 🙂


FTP #24 – You can take it when you build upon Him

We all have those times when everything goes wrong.
It looks like your life sucks in everything you do or encounter.
Nothing makes sence.
How hard you try; nothing works out the way you would like it to go.
Your future seems dull and dark, you’re in that valley, where you can’t see anything.
You can’t take it anymore…

You’re not alone! Jesus is there to help you. He accepts you for who you are;
in good AND bad times; He’s there for you!

As long as you build on HIM, you WILL be able to go through with it; you WILL survive!
Don’t forget; once you’re with HIS army, you’ll win.
WHY? because HE allready won the battle!

Stay strong, even if it doesn’t feel like it,


P.S. Yes, I’m talking from recent experiences 😉


Rising Army – Bryson Price
Can’t Take It – Transform DJs
Forgiven (Original Mix) – Fher Vizzuett
Love Alone Is Worth The Fight (Yves V Remix) – Switchfoot
What He Said (DJ Jireh Remix) – Matthew Parker
Fire Master – Taylor Franklyn
Valley – Transform DJs
Heaven – Ozwald Bozwald
You’re Beautiful (Trance Remix) – DJ Jireh & Aneym
Resurrection – Fher Vizzuett
Red & Blue (Original Mix) – Ground Zero Vibes
Addict (John Sunlight Remix) – SIDEN
Bring the Rain feat. Lexi Forche (Phocust & Kevin Aleksander Remix) – Candyland
I Build On U (Original Mix) – Triple D


FTP #23 – Drift away on Hope

I noticed that I haven’t made any mixset lately that’s specifically focussed on the summer.
During my searches for the right tracks I finished of with these.
The set should keep you uplifted for over 90 minutes, filled with uplifting and trancy sounds.

Enjoy the set and ‘Above All’ don’t forget to thank your Maker for all those producers out there that deliver
such great tracks!
Those who listen closely and look at the tracktitles WILL notice the journey you’re taking… up into Eternity.
That’s my prayer for you and that’s the message you’ll be confronted with at the end of the set…

God bless,



Vertical Hope (A Band of Brothers Mashup) – Vicetone vs 1 Girl Nation
Let Me Drift Away (Original Mix) – Philip Mayer
All Of My Heart (Elishua Summer Remix) – DJ Jireh feat Nalini Tranquim
La Brisa (Outer Pulse Remix) – Diego Morrill
Neptune (Original Mix) – Unity
You & Me (DJ Jireh Remix) – Goshen Sai
Close To 7 (Original Mix) – XMO
D1 (Psy Edit) – Stefan Viljoen
Together as One (Original Mix) – James Kelly
Entrance to the King – DJ Jireh
Let your heart speak (Original Mix) – Faith Mark
Take Your Place (Feat. Keri Veenendaal) [Matthew J. Bentley Remix] – Jon Thurlow
Light at the Other Side (Original Mix) – James Kelly
A Day in Heaven (Fanatic Emotions Remix) – Robert Vadney
Into Eternity (feat. Richie Righteous) (DJ SYSCheck remix) – Levi Whalen


FTP #22 “Happy Honour” (Extended)

During a 24/7 prayerweek (organized by Sofa&Zo in Belgium) I had the opportunity to play at a “Happy Honour” evening on the 25th of July 2015.
The evening was focussed on worship, and so was the performance & selection of tracks.
For that reason this set is very unique: it only contains tracks made by, produced by or remixed by christians. ALL tracks contain vocals that will tell you more about God, or His son Jesus Christ.

This is the EXTENDED, carefully remixed for your listening pleasure.
PLEASE; if possible, use it as a testimony! Vocals are really strong on this one!!!

Most tracks were used in the live performance.



Prelude – Mark van Rijswijk
Intro: Isaiah 53 – Aviad Cohen
Testimony (Extended Mix) – Chris Howland, Pablo Cordovi
Believer (Jacob Plant Remix) – DJ Fresh (and Adam F)
Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix) – Depeche Mode
I Feel So Alive (Remix JLS) – Capital Kings
Beyond Me (Phenomenon Remix By Soul Glow Activatur DJ Alex Couto Extended) – TobyMac
Burning Love (Maxem Remix) – Jesus Loves Electro
Shake the devil (Nuckless Club Mix) – Frank Nuckless Feat. Christine B
Shackles (Praise You) (Dennis Kruissen Remix) – Mary Mary
Joy (Remix) – Rend Collective
You make me better (Steven Pierce remix) – Jordan Riley
Oceans (Extended Remix) – Kenneth Thomas ft. Jennifer Azzato
Nothing Shall Separate Us [feat. Goshen Sai] – DJ Jireh
Light [feat. Nalini Tranquim] – DJ Jireh
You Are (Philippe el Sisi Remix) – Sarah Russell & Philippe El Sisi
Feel the Love (feat. Elzaan Reynierse) – DJ Jireh
The Message – ZooPop
Tidal Wave (feat. Micah Ariss) – Matthew Parker
God’s Love (Simon De Jano & Chriss Ortega Pirates Mix) – Nick Tohme
United We Always Will Dance (JLE Vocal Mashup) – Vicetone vs. Hillsong
Infinite (Somna Remix) [feat. Marié Digby] – Ryan Farish
Overcome (Extended Mix) [feat. Brian Aboringong] – GV3
Give Me Your Eyes (Unsecret Mix) – Brandon Heath
Break Every Chain (Kevin Aleksander BOOTLEG [RE-EDIT]) – Jesus Culture
We Are Free (feat. Nalini Tranquim) – DJ Jireh
Hardlife (Alchemist Saints Remix) – Biotronix
We Will Dance (feat. Wonder) – Matthew Parker
Hallelujah    Har Megiddo – Light Destroys the Darkness
Hallelujah (Kevin Aleksander Remix) – Reynard Rawlins
Standing on the Promises (feat. Alan Lisenbe) [Chris Howland Remix] – Josh Walker
As You Are (DJ Jireh Remix) – Nalini Tranquim
I Belong to You (Oh Snap It’s Luke! Remix) – Jesus Culture
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (feat. Lauren Chandler) [Bryson Price Remix] – Josh Walker


FTP #21 Gospel in Perkouw (DJ SYSCheck set)

In the middle of summer 2015 DJ Flubbel and I had a duo performance in Perkouw (the Netherlands) and this was the set I prepared as a ‘slower’ set after FTP #20.
After that night, we decided we’re going to perform more together as a duo for the Christian Hardstyle genre.

In short; it was a blast!


Prelude – Mark van Rijswijk
Intro: Isaiah 53 – Aviad Cohen
We Will Dance (feat. Wonder) – Matthew Parker
Hardlife (Alchemist Saints Remix) – Biotronix
Helpless (Damian Wasse-Pavel Zhuravlev Remix) – Jordan Riley
You Are (Philippe el Sisi Remix) – Sarah Russell & Philippe El Sisi
Nothing Shall Separate Us [feat. Goshen Sai] – DJ Jireh
Break Every Chain (Kevin Aleksander BOOTLEG [RE-EDIT] ) – Jesus Culture
Beyond Me (Phenomenon Remix By Soul Glow Activatur DJ Alex Couto Extended) – TobyMac
I Don’t Deserve You (Lucky Charmes & Tony Verdult Remix) – Paul van Dyk
God’s Love (Simon De Jano & Chriss Ortega Pirates Mix) – Nick Tohme
I Feel So Alive (Remix JLS) – Capital Kings
Testimony (Extended Mix) – Chris Howland, Pablo Cordovi
Standing on the Promises (feat. Alan Lisenbe) [Chris Howland Remix] – Josh Walker
Tell the World [feat. Mali Music](Matthew Parker Remix) – Lecrae


FTP #20 Gospel in Perkouw (DJ Flubbel set)

In the middle of summer 2015 DJ Flubbel and I had a duo performance in Perkouw (the Netherlands) and this was the set we prepared to play.
After this set, we decided we’re going to perform more together as a duo for the Christian Hardstyle genre.

In short; it was a blast!


What a Friend We Have in Jesus[Stephen Stripling Remix] – Stephen Stripling
United We Always Will Dance (JLE Vocal Mashup) – Vicetone vs. Hillsong
Fire Burning in My Heart (Levi Whalen Remix) – Matthew Parker
Take Your Place – Matthew J. Bentley
Hallelujah – Har Megiddo
Your Mercy Is Enough – Dj Flubbel
I Need Your Love ft. Ellie Goulding (Da Tweekaz Bootleg) – Calvin Harris
Praise to the Lord, The Almighty – Dj Flubbel
Frozen (Disney Tool) – Da Tweekaz
Helpless (feat. Jordan Riley) – Dj Flubbel
Reawakening (Original Mix) – Atmozfears & Audiotricz
Prince of Egypt (Hardstyle Remix) – Dj Flubbel
A-lusion – Just Ask
Headhunterz feat. Krewella – Unit
State Of Matter (Original Mix) – Juized
Christian Hardstyle – DJ Flubbel, D-Morphian
Outro – Dj Flubbel